A Little About Chris

I grew up in the small town of Warren, PA located in the middle of the Allegheny National Forest.  Fell in love with music at a young age.  I Remember back in the 70′s Mom always cranking the stereo through the house while she cleaned listening to songs like “Tie a yellow ribbon round Christhe old oak tree”, artists like Jim Croce, Freddie Fender, Charlie Rich, Crystal Gayle everything that was hot on the easy listening station.  Heard a lotta music and boy was our house clean.  Thanks for the music and the clean house mom!  I Remember having a diverse appreciation for music from the bell bottom jeans days with KC and the Sunshine Band to the BeeGees and then Kiss.  Growing up listening to it all and yes, I will admit that I bought the Milli Vanilli Album too.  In 1981, we moved to Boca Raton Florida for Dad to start a new business in roofing/construction and that’s where I got my first real six string. (Though I don’t think Mom and Dad bought this one at the five and dime) It was a Fender strat replica with a small Peavey amp.  Tried real hard to jam to ACDC but I didn’t really learn how until later in life at college (Pitt).  I was always in the school choir, loved to sing  and spent many years observing my brother Brian singing in his local cover band and writing songs.  He composed some pretty amazing songs on a small analog home studio in this this little 8′ x 10′ metal shed behind our house.  He’d go out there for hours in the winter with his little kerosene heater to write and record. (And I thought he was just high on fumes??)  When MTV came out, I was blown away by the 80′s hairbands, fantasized about being one of them.  (Who didn’t? Love that movie Rockstar!)  Though I was The Real You Chris Nuhferbig into sports like football, wrestling, baseball, I had this growing desire to write a song.  Years later in college, my wrestling teammates and I would hang out in the student lounge playing acoustic and chewing snuff.  I know it sounds gross but we were usually cutting weight and it helped to curve the appetite.  After college, I went in the Army National Guard to serve, protect and oh yeah, have Uncle Sam help payback some of my college loans….Hoorah!  It was during AIT training in Fort Sam Houston, TX where on leave I went to this music store in the mall and saw this guy playing “More Than Words” on a black, acoustic /electric Ovation.  Wow!! I already loved this tune by Extreme but now I had my mind set on doing a solo gig like this.  Yes I couldn’t afford it, but I slapped this on the old Citibank Visa for $1,000.00.  C’mon now, I’m not the only musician to ever get emotionally charged in a music store and spend above their means in the heat of the moment am I? Regardless of the financial setback, I continued to pick around.  Later in life after many jobs in the mental health field and direct sales (talk about diversity?), my dad asked me to move back home after my mom and him divorced to help run the family business.  I would work hard all day and at night I would sit in the garage and play.  During this time I went through a spiritual enlightenment where I wrote my first song about my dad called “Back Together”.  From this point on I felt the creative juices flow from time to time and started thinking I needed to get a band to go big like MTV!  After many years of bandmate drama, arguing over cover tunes, singing songs that the band wanted me to, dealing with undedicated people, I decided that I am most creative and passionate with music when it’s just me and the acoustic without all the other distractions.  Thank God!